Short and long-term courses are available

You choose how long you want to study depening on your own goals and circumstances.

Long-term course

Come on a student visa and experience all Japan has to offer!
Move up through the levels and let us guide you through a fun yet challenging Japanese course!

As you improve your skills, you will also be able to select an elective which meets your needs, whether it be for further study in Japan or to improve your speaking skills.
It'll turn you into a Japanese professional who is also internationally minded, learning about current events and world issues.


Long-term course prices

Application fee¥21,600
Entrance fee¥54,000
Class fee¥648,000
Maintenance fee¥21,600
Operation fee¥43,200


Short-term course

You can choose to study up to three months.
Whether you're on a working holiday visa, family visa, or tourist visa, you can study with us anytime!


Short-term course prices

1 month2 months3 months
Class fee¥64,800¥129,600¥194,400
Materials fee¥3,600¥7,200¥10,800
Maintenance fee¥1,800¥3,600¥5,400


※If you need an invitation letter for visa purposes, additional costs may occur.