Frequently asked questions and answers

About a part time job

Q Can I get a part time job in Japan as soon as I arrive?


Those on a student visa shall obtain a part time job permit, either at the airport or at the immigration office after entering Japan, which allows working up to 28 hours or less per week .
In order to work part time in Japan, opening a bank account and other preparations have to be taken care of.

In case of sickness

Q Are there any English-speaking hospitals?


The following service centers shall provide information regarding hospitals where services are available in foreign language(s).

>> Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institution Information called "Himawari=Sunflower"

About the entry in Japan

Q Anything required when entering Japan?


The followings are the MUST: passport, visa, school admission permit, and money (about 100,000 yen at least as living expenses for a couple of months )