Support for Higher Education

We have a system in place to help our students reach their goals.

By listening to the needs of each student, we can make a plan and decide on a course that best suits them.
We nurture our students to get the best opportunities for the future.

Counseling for Higher Education

We hold special seminars in the school where our students can talk with admissions staff, and we are also always available to talk with the students privately.

Higher Education Seminars

Staff members from various universities and trade schools come to our school and hold seminars about the school and admissions process.

Lectures on trade school industries

For those who want to go to trade schools, there are chances to visit schools in a variety of industries, and even take trial lessons.

Seminars out of the School

There are also seminars which take place out of the school where the students can meet with universities and get a better feel for the school and the necessary steps to gain admission.

Special classes for exams

We hold special classes that students can take and improve their scores for several important exams. We have classes for the EJU (both math and general subjects), JLPT N1, and TOEFL.

Campus Tours

We organize campus tours to several universities so that the students can get a feel of campus life while talking to staff members and other international students.

At times we also have speical classes held in the school which allow students to experience aspects of Japanese culture, such as calligraphy and tea ceremony.