Student Testimonials


This is a school where you can make
your dreams come true

From Germany

The reason I came to JCLI was that I wanted to become a part of the manga industry.

Not even knowing the basics of Japanese, but wanting to become fluent as fast as possible, I laid down my drawing tools for about a year to advance in the Japanese language as fast as possible. After a year, with the help and advice of the teachers at JCLI, I was able to land multiple jobs in the manga industry as an assistant. Furthermore, I can still feel I’m growing more confident in casual conversation day by day. To make one’s hard efforts pay off, is one of the many lessons I learned at JCLI.


I want to become a professional interpreter!

JCLI has really good support for the students, giving us a lot of options for studying and they're always there to talk with us.

They also give a lot of help for students who want to go to trade schools or universities, holding things like campus tours and seminars.

There are also some cultural events like tea ceremony which are a lot of fun and let us really get into the culture!

My conversation skill has really improved since coming to JCLI and my teachers have also given me some great advice on improving my translation abilities.

Iuliia Drabik
From the Ukraine


You can consult about various matters
such as study, living, and career in Japan.

Yang Di
From China

I want to work in Japan after graduation, so I’m making use of the school’s Career-support team.

To work in Japan, one needs not only a high level of Japanese proficiency, but it is also very important to understand the process of job-hunting and Japanese business manners. The Career-support team help me with writing my CV, teach me business manners, practice job interviews, and they hold lectures explaining about what to do when job-hunting. I am really grateful to all the teachers and staff at JCLI who have helped me and given me advice on everything from daily life, Japanese studies, and my future in Japan.


It's a relief to get support
regarding higher education

I decided to go to university in Japan instead of in my home country, so I came to Japan to study and prepare. My reason for studying Japanese in Japan was that I wanted to learn Japanese fast and from my surroundings and everyday environment. I chose JCLI because I wanted classes that would be useful when preparing for university.

One of the school’s best points is that you can easily ask the teachers for advice. The teachers will always consult with you kindly, and it’s a big help that you can go to a teacher and ask them for information you could not find on your own. I’m really happy I chose this school.

From Korea