Student Testimonials


I want to become a professional interpreter!

Iuliia Drabik
from the Ukraine

JCLI has really good support for the students, giving us a lot of options for studying and they're always there to talk with us.

They also give a lot of help for students who want to go to trade schools or universities, holding things like campus tours and seminars.
There are also some cultural events like tea ceremony which are a lot of fun and let us really get into the culture!

My conversation skill has really improved since coming to JCLI and my teachers have also given me some great advice on improving my translation abilities.


I'm really grateful to all of the teachers!

Before coming to Japan, there were a lot of things I was worried about. I was always wondering what Japanese people thought about foreigners.

But once I got to JCLI, all those worries dissapeared!
Every morning, the teachers greet us with a smile, they're always supporting us, like parents.
I also have a lot of great memories of our school trips, spending time with teachers and classmates, playing games, eating food, and learning about culture.

I'm really glad that I decided to come here!

Cikai Xiao 肖 慈开
from China


Being in Shinjuku is the best!

Duong Thi Nhat Anh
from Vietnam

Right now, I'm living in Shinjuku, the heart of Japan!
There are lots of supermarkets and conveinence stores nearby, but even if I can't find something, I can get to anywhere in Tokyo from here, and other major centers like Ikebukuro and Shibuya are so close!

There are also a lot of foreigners from around the world here, including Vietnam, China, Korea, and Nepal. It's a really international place!

The location of JCLI really can't be beat, you can learn Japanese in such an exciting place and also learn about other cultures, both Japanese and around the world!